Where to Cruise on the Wake of Retirement

Recently, I was retired. I went to look for how many different places I could see on a cruise ship. I was interested in following the Route of Ct. James Cook, a British naval officer who led the exploration of many exotic places such as Tahiti, Bora Bora, New Zealand, Australia, and well as many other place.

James Cook was known for being a well liked and respected leader of the shipping industry. He was no Ct. Bligh, who was known for being unfair and disrespectful to his crew who then overthrew him. What inspired me to travel was that as I read about James Cook I was thinking as I grow older and think about retirement I need to consider how I will ensure that I keep my individuality and expectation of care. I need to make sure that in retirement I am able to keep care of myself and others- so i researched things like RightatHomeCanada.com/Georgian-Triangle. Just recently, I was with my aging parents in Canada who were talking about their lives. They love living at home, and have no plans to move to a retirement home.

What is difficult about growing older is that you feel yourself becoming weaker, less able to get the things you want to get done. It is important as people age to retain their scene of individuality, independence, and freedom. One of the most common sources of dementia is when people loose their individuality and become dependent on others. One of the worst things in the world is to see someone need dementia caregivers as this is one of the hardest things to see someone go through.

This leads people to lose their ability to see themselves as their own person and could lead to quicker deaths and decline more rapidly. SO whats the solution? There are companies that do these sorts of things- they allow for home care for seniors around Barrie, Ont.  These sort of companies have a structure where older people are able to live at home comfortably as well as live in their own individualized way. This allow us to see our parents as their OWN PEOPLE! Rather than an aging person in need of care.

Our Community And Values

Here on Todaysmuslimah.com, you will find information on our community, culture, and society.  We will be focusing our attention on different events around the community and giving tips on everything from household to raising a family.

For our first post, let’s talk about healthy tips to make you live longer!  Try sticking to foods grown organically.  Avoid foods high in sodium and starch.  Instead of canned food, opt for fresh produce and meats.  These will be rich in nutrients.  Make sure you get enough Vitamin C which can be found in oranges and many vegetables.  When cooking, instead of using vegetable oil, use olive oil or coconut oil instead.  Coconut oil is a Superfood and can be used for various benefits.  Put it in your hair and on your skin to moisturize and condition.  Eat avocados, which is high in potassium which reduces blood pressure and keeps you young.  For a light snack, have a couple of almonds.  These nuts help reduce the risk of heart disease and has cancer preventing properties.